Wilson Combat Complete Spring Set, Full-Size


Wilson Combat Complete Spring Set, Full-Size

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  • Brand: Wilson Combat
  • Model: 316G
  • UPC: 874218000875
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Wilson Combat 1911 Complete Spring Kit Govt 45 316G

This top quality complete spring set for a full-size, 5 1911 contains every spring needed to complete or upgrade your pistol.  These heat treated music wire springs are the finest quality coil springs on the market and will provide you with exceptional service.  Extra Power recoil springs are rated for standard velocity and high-velocity loads and a reduced power hammer spring improves your trigger pull and reduces the force required to cycle the slide.

This spring kit contains the following springs:

  •    P10G18 - Spring, Recoil, Govt., 18 1/2# 
  •    P26 Extra Power Firing Pin Spring 
  •    P27 Reduced Power Hammer Spring 18#   
  •    R15A Mag Catch Spring  
  •    R29 Sear Spring  
  •    R33PS Plunger Tube Spring
UPC 874218000875
MSRP $15.95
Description Complete Spring Kit Govt 45
Manufacturer Part# 316G
Model 1911


It's hard to believe but there are no questions for this product.

Outstanding Spring Kit!..
I put this kit into a friends 1911 and the before and after feel is as distinct as night and day. This is a great kit that will really tighten up your American legend.
By Kevin Hutchison on 01/14/14
SA 1911GI..
Replaced the worn out extractor in my 92 SA 1911GI. Dropped in like a glove. Added full spring kit and full length guide rod too. Perfect fit on all accounts.
By Matt D on 02/08/13
Great Products and Service..
Just replaced the springs in my Colts with this set and it is like night and day! they dont even feel like the same guns. Thanks for great products and service!
By Shane Simpson on 12/19/12
Great springs for my 1911..
These springs fit perfectly in my 1911 and tightened up the gun. A good Wilson product!
By S Winn on 08/14/12
to joe heaton.....
if you see this please write back. im building up my para what do you mean by trigger spring? do you mean the mainspring? or what? thanks
By Mykyl Jungen on 07/26/11
great set for a rebuild..
bought this set for a taurus pt1911. 18 1/2lb recoil spring is great no problems, fired 1000 rounds with no cycling issues, the firing pin spring is a good 1/2 inch longer than the stock so i had to buy a wilson FP as the spring would accually begin to ride over the FP repeated firing would drive the stock FP inside the spring, terrible stock firing pin tolerences. the leaf spring was awesome the trigger spring has such a light hold on the trigger, that coupled with a cylinder and slide ultra low mass sear and disconnector, produced a crisp, consistent, 2.4 lb pull. the rest of the springs are comparable to stock.
By joe heaton on 04/07/11
Quality Springs Really tightened up my 1911. Another quality part by WC. Will be ordering another soon to keep on hand.
By Todd Hillard on 12/25/10
drop in and tighten up..
Replace all the springs in my M1991A1 colt. Tightened the weapon right up. All of the parts fit and dropped right in.
By Joe on 11/06/10

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