Wilson Combat Extended Slide Release, Blue


Wilson Combat Extended Slide Release, Blue

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  • Brand: Wilson Combat
  • Model: 7B
  • UPC: 874218002787
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Wilson Combat 1911 Blue Extended Slide Release 7B

Extended Slide Release, Blue

The use of our Extended Slide Release allows the right thumb to actuate the slide release with minimal grip change which can save valuable time.

  • Allows the Right Thumb to Actuate the Slide Release for Faster Reloads

  • Minimal Grip Change Which Can Save Valuable Time

  • Matte Blue Finish

Many shooters prefer to drop the slide with their right thumb. The use of our Extended Slide Release allows the right thumb to actuate the slide release with minimal grip change which can save valuable time. Only available for .45 ACP. Minor fitting may be required.

Package Includes: Extended Slide Release
UPC 874218002787
MSRP $42.95
Caliber1 7X57
Grain Weight 140Gr
Manufacturer Part# 7B
Model PowerShok
Type Soft Point
UnitsBox 20
UnitsCase 200


It's hard to believe but there are no questions for this product.

SR1911 Perfect!..
Dropped into SR1911 CMD with no fitting or adjustment necessary. Big improvement over oem slide stop.
By Anonymous on 12/06/14
Perfect fit in my SR1911..
Being a lefty I dont always get my index finger on a normal slide release but this makes it so much easier to release the slide. I love it.
By Dave on 10/06/14
Perfect fit in my Kimber Ultra Carry II...
Wilson Combat Customer Service suggested this extended slide release for my Kimber and they were spot on! Fits perfect and I can now release the slide without two hands.
By scott on 08/08/14
perfect fit..
I installed this release in a Series 70,perfect fit.Out of the box and in the gun in 2 minutes.Like everything at WC top shelf. Thanks.
By Jeff on 01/30/14
As I posted earlier, my extended slide release broke on me in a USPSA match. When I went to re-order, Wilson was quick to replace it free of charge no questions asked. Good products and great customer service!!
By Anonymous on 10/24/13
very good upgrade. Wilson combat rocks
By tom currie on 10/16/13
Makes Life Better!..
Easy part to replace and dropped right in my RIA 1911 A1 in 38 super. Makes reloading so much faster!
By Logan Jacobs on 07/15/13
Very Functional Release..
Installed this to a Lightweight Operator from Springfield, and loving the faster reloading now. However, there was one minor issue, the wood grips had to be filed down on the top a little for them to seat into the frame. Not to be a turnoff from this product in any way - it functionals flawless now - just a heads up that it may need to be fitted a little in some cases.
By Jason on 07/05/13
Great addition to my stock 1911..
I have a stock 1911 and decided to upgrade it. The addition of this extended slide release really adds to the gun and improves the firing experience. I had difficulty with the existing slide release and wanted one which I could activate with my shooting hand quickly. The only modification I had to make was filing down the top of the custom wood grips. The release now rides on the inside of the grip and it looks great. The only suggestion is that when you do start filing wood from the grip do it conservatively, with frequent fitting to ensure you do not take anymore wood off than is absolutely needed.
By Stewart McMahand on 04/29/13
Modifing to fit..
I have nerve damage to my left thumb due to a table saw accident. The standard 1911 release is hard to release to me. I installed a extended relese and it works wonders due to the extra width. But the length didnt work well due to my grip so I cut the extension off and after a little sanding and bluing it works perfect. Thank You Wilson Combat!
By Richard Gilliam on 11/24/12
New slide release for my Kimber..
Just got an extended slide release for my Kimber for an upcoming training class. Took a little fitting to get a reliable slide lock on an empty magazine but otherwise works great. Can not really blame Wilson on this one, the slide release from the factory was not fitted right and would drop the slide when a new mag was installed. The blued finish was perfect and was difficult to take a file to the part.
By Richard on 11/10/12
This is soooo much better then origional..
I shoot USPSA competitions , where speed is important.The ability to release my slide without shifting hand position is really important to me. This release is truly a drop in and run with it install.No fitting required, thats nice. Complaint? I wish it was finished better.The flat black looks cheesy and cheap when installed on a nicely blued gun.
By Lager on 09/14/12
Slide Release Smoothness..
Simply perfect. Wilson Combats Extended Slide Release slipped in place as if it was made for my 1948 Colt Government Model. Smoothly operates where the original release was sticky. Amazing. Thank you!!
By Scott on 08/29/12
Fantastic drop in for my Argentine 1911. Very well made, huge improvement over the stock piece.
By Michael on 08/25/12
Nice drop in replacement...only one problem...
I have a new Colt Wiley Clapp Commander and wanted the extended slide release to match it. Wilson Combat came highly recommended. I ordered and received the part promptly. It was easy enough to install. Only problem is that the edge where the extended part contacts the gun is not rounded and has cut an ugly gouge through my nice blued finish. The stock piece has a relief there and I wouldve expected a direct replacement to have the same relief. I kind of wish Id stayed with the stock slide release and no gouge, but now that the damage is done I guess Ill leave in the extended slide release.
By Dave L. on 08/15/12
Works with my stubby digits, talked to Bill on the phone great customer service keep it up.
By jason chamberlain on 06/22/12
Fit flawlessly on my High Standard 1911. No grip notching or anything. Perfect! Well worth money!
By Whit on 03/28/12
Great buy!..
Just what the Dr. ordered for lefties. I can lock the slide with my index finger effortlessly now.
By Anonymous on 11/20/11
Good buy!..
I have got small-medium hands and, of course, short fingers. This slide release is long enough to let me operate it without moving my thumb. It is a really drop-in on my Norinco 1911 and works properly with several kind of magazines. Last but not least it is very good looking!
By Fabio on 05/10/11
Couldnt be more pleased...
New to the 1911 world, my biggest and only complaint about my RIA Tactical .45 was not being able to release the slide while maintaining a proper grip. Received this product, took 30 seconds to install, and worked exactly as it should. I had to shave down the left side grip panel ever so slightly. I have medium sized hands and my right thumb is able to easily operate this slide release without changing my grip. The finish is perfect and matches 100%. I ordered another one for my fathers RIA Tactical in 9mm and although the description says will only fit cal 45, this fit and functions equally as well on this gun.
By Jason King on 04/06/11
Replacement for my Colt Commander..
I like it, alot. very good addition to my Colt. Its easy to drop the slide now.No issues with the install. Droped in.
By Timothy Dye on 04/02/11
Bliss for smaller hands!..
Perfect solution especially for people with smaller hands so they dont have to change the position of their grip to release the slide. Highly recommend it.
By Jimmy on 02/10/11
Great part!..
I now have your guys extended slide stop on all my 1911s, they work great! The only problem Ive ever had is the last one I recieved hit my grips, and a file on the grips solved that problem in a jiffy! Thanks Wilson for making great parts!
By JR Harrison on 01/28/11
perfect fit and function..
Popped right in, improved the function of my Para GI Expert. Gave me a better edge as a left handed shooter.
By Matthew Spriggs on 10/27/10
A perfect replacement for the stock release on my Para Ordinance 1911. Fast shipping, Thanks
By Chris on 08/27/10
Great for small or weaker hands..
I have less strength in my hands because of a spinal cord injury I received in 2008 and because of this injury it can be quite difficult to work the slides of both my full size Springfield 1911 as well as my EMP. As soon as I snapped this Extended Slide Release in it made a huge difference in the ease of operation on both weapons. I will buy this for each 1911 I I purchase in the future.
By Andy on 08/22/10
5 Star Products & Service..
I received my Wilson extended slide release today. When I installed it in my Kimber 1911, it snapped right into place and functioned flawlessly. I would recomment this product to anyone who owns a 1911 style handgun. P.S. Thanks for making it matte black for me. Great service!!!
By Timothy Kress on 07/26/10

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