Wilson Combat Recoil Spring, Full-Size, 18#


Wilson Combat Recoil Spring, Full-Size, 18#

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  • Brand: Wilson Combat
  • Model: 10G18
  • UPC: 874218000219
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Wilson Combat Recoil Spring, Fits 1911 Government, 18lb 10G18

Heavy-Duty Recoil Spring for Full-Size 5" (Government Model) 1911

Wilson Combat Heavy-Duty Recoil Springs are made combat tough to repeatedly take a pounding yet show a remarkably consistent performance every time a round is fired. Keeping a fresh recoil spring in your pistol will dramatically reduce the pounding your slide and frame receive.


UPC 874218000219
MSRP $6.95
Description Govt 18lb
Manufacturer Part# 10G18
Model Recoil Spring


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Runs like a champ...
My 1911 was havin problems feeding the round completely into the chamber picked up one of these now it runs with out a problem feeds every time. Wilson customer for all 1911 needs.
By Josh Meduna on 06/10/13
Excellent Springs..
My 1911 works better than ever. Next time I need springs I will be back
By james smith on 04/04/13
Excellent Spring!..
I replaced my stock recoil spring with this wilson 18# spring in my Springfield 1911 and the reliability is even better now when shooting large amounts of dirty ammo at the range. No problems whatsoever. If it works this good at the range with large amounts of cheap ammo, I know I can depend on it in the field with premium ammo if the day comes that I need it.
By Nick on 12/18/12
Excellent Recoil Spring..
I got this recoil spring with WC one piece full length guide rod and it is great! It has been so reliable that even shooting lighter ammo like the Cor-Bon DPX 160 Grain my carry ammo, the case still gets ejected and extracted flawlessly. It has been 100% reliable and the gun is more controllable, less felt recoil than the original 16 lbs or less recoil spring. I highly recommend this to everyone who depend their lives on 1911 pistols.. another great product from Wilson Combat
By Aron Monta on 05/21/11
Key to combat reliability, Wilson springs...
The greatest 1911 still relies on a well tuned recoil spring to keep everything else in fluid motion. You might as well spring for the best, pun intended. Most advice suggests a change every 3000 rounds but Wilson springs maintain their form so well, especially with a guide rod, that you can easily double that. Compared to other spring manufactures, I would only take a 1911 with a Wilson recoil spring into a fight.
By Chris on 02/12/11

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